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Horsehire and ridingtours
Ridingtours in the neighbourhood through the wonderful scenery are very popular and always an experience. Such trips stay in the memory of everyone that tried. They are all varied and you can ride wonderful ways down to the Rangá, to Galtalćkjarskógur or in the direction of the Ţjórsá. Landsveit shows its pride and beauty best in good weather and it is great to go riding at those times. The ridinghall is under one roof with facilities for holding ridingclasses and for training horses.

Call (00354)487-6591 for information on ridingtours and classes. Tours around Leirubakki are manysided and you can ride every day for one week without going the same way twice.
Address: 851 Hella
Phone: +354 487 6591
Fax: +354 487 6692

  near Leirubakki:


Stóra Mörk
Stóra-Mörk the a farm of one of Njala´s historical persone Ketill Sigfússon and his wife Ţorgerđur Njálsdóttir around the year 1000. In Stóra-Mörk 3 is now a dairy and a sheep farm and a farm holiday guesthouse open all year round



Snorkeling in Iceland
Snorkeling Silfra, a rift in the lake Thingvellir is the ultimate experience on your stay in Iceland. Something out of the ordinary! The water is between 2 and 4°C cold and is the clearest on this planet. You will be snorkeling right between the American and the European continents. We will provide you with dive dry suits and thermo undergarments that will keep you warm and comfortable.


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