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Mount Hekla

Once in the heart of Rang county, 100 kms east of Reykjavk, we will explore a cave with carvings from times of Icelands settlement. Beautiful countryside with Mount Hekla in plain view follows, to Skjlkvar lavafield, where well have our picnic lunch. The day is crowned by a Snow-cat tour to the top of Mount Hekla, ca. 1500 m above sea level (snow & conditions permitting). Along the way well learn about the lavafields and hot springs in the vicinity of Hekla.Departure: Reykjavk Duration: 9 - 10 hours. Included: Supertruck tour, guide, snow - cat trip, packed lunch. Minimum: 6 pax. Maximun: 9 pax. Operation: November to June Subject to weather and other conditions.
Address: Breildu 1
Phone: 8922676

  near Mount Hekla:


Stra Mrk
Stra-Mrk the a farm of one of Njalas historical persone Ketill Sigfsson and his wife orgerur Njlsdttir around the year 1000. In Stra-Mrk 3 is now a dairy and a sheep farm and a farm holiday guesthouse open all year round



Snorkeling in Iceland
Snorkeling Silfra, a rift in the lake Thingvellir is the ultimate experience on your stay in Iceland. Something out of the ordinary! The water is between 2 and 4C cold and is the clearest on this planet. You will be snorkeling right between the American and the European continents. We will provide you with dive dry suits and thermo undergarments that will keep you warm and comfortable.


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